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Budget friendly ways to get your garden in tip top shape for the summer

Tis’ the season for chilled nights in the garden and alfresco dining – get excited! It’s time to get your garden looking spick and span for the summer months without burning a hole in your pocket!


1. Make thyme for herbs!

Growing herbs is also a great way to add to your garden – and it doesn’t take up much space at all! Find a few colourful pots, pick your favourite herbs and get growing. You’ll have quick and easy access to mint for a summers Pimms or a sprinkle of rosemary for your Sunday roasties – what more could you want?


2. Find space for Facebook Marketplace

Upcycling is the new "in" thing – and we are here for the reuse, recycle trend! Garden furniture can be a bit spenny so if you’re looking to spruce up your garden with a staple table or if you’re a fan of the rattan, head to somewhere like Facebook marketplace in pursuit of a bargain that will have your garden looking unbelievable for a fraction of the cost.


3. Never say no to a lawn mow!

This is often overlooked but its safe to say that having a lush green lawn makes the world of difference to your garden. It’s time to awaken the mower from its hibernation and start to time your grass about twice a week! If twice a week just doesn’t fit your schedule could there be a local friend/neighbour looking to make some extra cash for summer? Another thing that is absolutely key for keeping your lawn looking spick and span is feeder! During the summer months your lawn is growing – and it’s starving, so don’t be stingy with the feeder!

Last but not least, your lawn needs to drink responsibly so ensure you’re watering responsibly. Our British weather isn’t short of a rainy day or twenty… so watering every 7-10 days should be all your lawn needs for the hotter months!


4. Flowers are your best buds!

Yes, you’re right, this one is obvious, but it’s the best (and cheapest) way to transform your green space! You can pick up flowers like Pansies, Violas and Chrysanthemums for as little as a pound in places like B&Q, or why not head to your local garden centre and have a snoop in the sale section. Taking the time to plant a few bulbs this summer will have your garden looking iris-istable for the year!


5. Find spots for funky pots!

Plant pots can be relatively cheap to buy, head to a site like Etsy in pursuit of a few funky painted plant pots to add a bit of colour and character to your green space, you’d be surprised at how much of a difference a plant pot can make. If you can’t find one to match your aesthetic, get creative! Buy a few plain plant pots, grab a brush and get your paint on! Don’t forget to seal them afterwards so they withstand the unpredictable British weather.


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