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Blog A Day in the Life... of a Lettings Negotiator

Blog A Day in the Life... of a Lettings Negotiator

Monday morning. I rise from bed at approximately 6:00am. First things first - a vision. A checklist for completion, immediately cementing the foundations of my day ahead. I think to myself if nothing else arose, I could be well ahead by lunchtime. It never falls that way, but that’s the best bit. The excitement of the unexpected. I’ve created clarity and a pathway to follow, I carry out the mandatory tasks remaining before starting the daily commute.

I leave at 6:45, ensuring a good arrival time whatever the morning rush throws at me. I sit back, revelling in the wisdom of Alan Brazil and his sports breakfast team. At the current time a round-up of all the Euro games from the previous day is at the forefront of the menu – what more could I ask for? The plan is to be set up at my desk at 8:00 sometimes having to sacrifice the morning latte.

During the course of the day; a selection of applicant dealing, flat prep, ensuring the landlords are in the loop amongst other things! I don’t take flats on just yet, but with my revision well under-way it’s only a matter of time until this is also another string to my bow!

At times I have felt under immense pressure, but if things aren’t challenging for you, you will never challenge yourself.  I always get home and reflect on the events of the day. Sometimes I kick myself for some of the decisions I made and try to extract a lesson from this.

So far a few months into the role, I love it.

It’s fast-paced, and the satisfaction of seeing the happiness you have bought to your new tenants makes it all worthwhile!

By Saul Chalmers

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