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Paramount Properties A Day on the Tools

A Day on the Tools

Six months into my Paramount career and it was about time I got ‘out on the tools’ with Paramount Maintenance. In my previous job, these sorts of opportunities weren’t offered and so although, as Property Managers, we pick up knowledge, it is all in theory – to see what actually goes on was eye opening and very enjoyable.

I spent the day with Vinni, one of Paramount’s plumbers; there was a variety of jobs on the agenda from replacing a broken flue at a property on Plympton Road to repairing a leaking condense pipe at a first floor flat on Dartmouth Road. Naturally as Property Managers, the most important part of our job is keeping an eye on all our clients gas safety inspections; watching Vinni conduct a gas safety inspection was invaluable – having the opportunity to ask the questions in a situation where we can relate to the answer helps cement knowledge.

Repairing the broken flue and doing a couple of gas safety inspections brought us to lunchtime and I was certainly read to eat! Vinni recommended one of his favourite ‘haunts’ – Mr. Fish on Salusbury Road and for anyone that hasn’t been, I would highly recommend it! Over lunch we chatted about parts of a boiler, what causes certain problems so on and so forth. Being as inquisitive as I am, I found the chat very enjoyable!

After lunch it was on to changing the condense pipe at Dartmouth Road, via a quick trip to the suppliers for a few parts we needed. It relatively difficult due to the height it was at and the fact we had to go and get the telescopic ladder from our storage warehouse – loading that onto a roof rack was one of the most challenging parts of the day! Vinni being as good as he is made it look oh-so-simple.  

We popped round, did a few more ‘odd-jobs’ and the end of the day came (far quicker than I would have liked it to have). I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Vinni. He allowed me to get stuck in where I could and answered all the questions that I had – thanks Vinni!

By Joe Stoll 


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