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First impressions of the Paramount Team

First impressions of the Paramount Team

The first few weeks as a property manager for Paramount are well underway and I would like to share 3 key things which are prominent from my short time here:

1. Handling business

Professionalism in the Paramount workplace is evident. We can all enjoy a moment or two of downtime and share a smile, but when the time to pull in the right direction comes; it ’s focussed.

Having an image of a team so engrossed in their work all at the same time has a certain harmony, this is clear in the property management team.


2. The willingness to do what is best for the client

This life lesson can be an easy or hard one to follow. The entire team seem to have a mutual, contagious objective to do what is best for the clients.

The entire maintenance team work in tandem with an ever-growing schedule, taking everything in their stride. Their willingness to do what ’s best when confronted with any issue gives the team its energy.

3. Enjoyment

The toleration of work comes with enjoyment and working with an eclectic bunch of people. Having great people in an enjoyable environment makes for a good day.

With an office full of either Spurs or Arsenal fans it ’s finally a good thing being a Nottingham Forest fan. With sports being a regular conversation with some team members, it ’s refreshing to know that the happiness of everyone's weekend depends on a certain scoreline.


The Paramount team is great & a joy to work with. I cannot speak highly enough of the tireless effort put in by all. I'm looking forward to an eventful year and an exciting time with my new colleagues.

By Joe Storer