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First week as a Lettings Negotiator

I'm Adam and last week I started as a Lettings Negotiator here at Paramount. I Went to Middlesex Uni, and have lived around the Hendon area for 3 years. I was really excited to join the gang here, and have the opportunity to work for such a prestigious company, in a great job role. The chance to work with the general public and find them their perfect place to live really appealed to me, and so far I am really enjoying matching up applicants to find them a property that they’ll love.


10 things I’ve learnt in my first week in lettings


  • It’s very embarrassing to open a box containing a good luck balloon from the girlfriend, in front of the whole office on your first day
  • The work doesn’t stop once an applicant pays their deposit. This is when the real work begins, from compliance, to referencing and most importantly ensuring that the flat is prepared perfectly
  • Always put your key tag down, when taking a set of keys. Otherwise a fine is coming your way...
  • The quickest person makes the money. If you don’t get there first, someone will get there before you. Lettings is a very fast paced industry and there is no time to take a break or rest on your laurels!
  • Ask the right questions. Must know the needs of an applicant, so you don’t waste their time or yours.
  • Make calls!! Otherwise you get a toy phone on your desk to remind you. It is easy to fire out blanket emails, but relationships are built via the phone where you can really get to know somone.
  • Pre tenancy paperwork must be spot on. Otherwise they’re coming straight back at you. At Paramount every member of the team has their role, and if you don’t complete it correctly, the knock on effect to the next department can be worse. Everyone must pull their weight.
  • Keep on top of emails, otherwise they get out of control very quickly!
  • Helping others will make your life easier, we work as a team and ensure that everything is done to create a perfect flat, and a perfect move in.
  • I DO NOT look like Harry Kane.
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