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How does an in-house Maintenance team make a world of difference to tenants and landlords?

This month we’re putting the spotlight on maintenance and will be chatting to our fabulous in-house maintenance team to provide you insight into how we work and why it’s so important for our landlords and tenants.

In our very first 'Maintenance May' post, we corner the Head of Paramount Maintenance, Vinni, for a cuppa and to ask him a few questions about why he thinks being part of an in-house maintenance team makes such a difference.

What are the most common problems that arise when an agent outsources their maintenance?

Outsourcing maintenance to external contractors means dealing with the unknown and can lead to many different types of issues. Landlords can be overcharged, not have confidence in the contractor's diagnosis, and can be wary about the competency of the contractor, especially if it's not someone who has looked after their investment before. External contractors just do not possess the same level of loyalty towards customers that we do at Paramount, because for us, we're taking care of our clients, not rushing through a job as quickly as possible to get to the next.  

What are the main benefits of having an in-house maintenance team?

As an in-house team, we have a much bigger element of control on time frames. This is important, especially when fixing things which require urgent attention! Communication is also key. As a team we are able to help each other out on jobs when an extra pair of hands are required, minimising delays and creating a cost-effective approach for clients. We are also able to control the quality of the work being done and materials being used to make sure that they meet Paramount's high standards for repairs. 

How does the experience differ for tenants and landlords?

Being part of an in-house team means that the tenants and landlords get to know us. Building that relationship strengthens their trust, and allows them to be at ease when they know that their issue will be addressed by a Paramount Maintenance Contractor in a timely manner. We love getting to know our clients, and landlords often come to us directly for advice on their own homes. Seeing the same faces year after year builds such trust that most clients are really happy leaving us to get on with our jobs, without the need for being overseen or accompanied. This would be a major criteria for the majority of larger gas, electrical or water companies, who will expect someone to be at the property to allow access, often with a wide time-slot, taking valuable time out of the landlord, tenant or agent's day.

What is Paramount Maintenance focusing on this spring? What types of jobs will you be busy with?

This Spring we have a number of big refurbishments on the agenda, including one that is already underway at Harvist Road. We're installing new carpets, completing a full redecoration and updating all of the furniture. We have another complete refurbishment planned at 55c Sutherland Avenue, where we're essentially starting from the brickwork to install new wiring, new plumbing, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, fitted wardrobes, and wood flooring throughout the property. You name it - we can do it! Of course, we're working on these refurbishments on top of all of our daily tenant call-outs, so we're busy, busy, busy. Better get back to it! 

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If you’d like to know more about our Paramount Maintenance Service, please give us a call on 020 7644 2313 and a member of the team will be happy to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

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