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Paramount Properties It's Back to School Time

It's Back to School Time

The Upside

Assuming you are the parent reading this article and not the child, then the upside should be a sigh of relief that you do not have to worry about childcare if you are at work, and that extra hour in the morning and evening trying to get your child to a child-minder or Summer school.  If you have been at home with the children, you can now have a proper lunch-break and even an afternoon cup of tea before the children head home after school.  Hopefully, a much less manic day, not having to think about entertaining children, taking them to various events and probably having to feed all of their friends most days.

For a lot of people, the period after the School Summer Holidays marks a time of, what we shall call "itchy feet".  It is not really known why this happens, it could be the wanderlust of the holidays, or the impending darker nights and Wintery days, but it's traditionally a busy time for estate agents.  There is always an increase in the number of valuations for sales and for rentals in September and October, and thankfully, this usually goes hand-in-hand with an upsurge in applicant registrations, so the supply / demand price point could rise during this time.

At Paramount we have a number of great schools on our doorstep, so there is always the 'school catchment' element, preparing for the coming year and any change of school within the family.  Further down we have listed some of the best local schools (in our opinion) and our favourite property currently on the market, within the school catchment area.  If you are looking to move, please get in touch with us and get your details registered, so that you are at the top of the list for the new stock as it comes onto the market.   CONTACT US HERE

The Downside

Apart from the fact that the darker, colder days are coming, and, tradition tells us that after an amazing Summer, we are likely to have a rotten cold Winter, plus all that extra traffic on the commute to and from work, I think that most people welcome the new school term and the change of Season.  So let's only dwell on the good points, and to help you through the transition, we have prepared a checklist to make sure you remember everything you need on day one.

Back to School Checklist

School Uniform as required

Hairbands for ponytails

Spare polo shirts & jumpers (they get lost)

Travel permit & wallet / purse

New shoes or clean ones!

Emergency contact details

Sports kit and trainers

Socks, plenty of them!

Gym bag to keep the sports kit in

Name tags or labels, you can use a Sharpie

Swimming costume (if applicable) & towel

Small umbrella or fold-up waterproof jacket

Bookbag or rucksack

Pencil case & stationery items

Lunchbox & water bottle (if applicable)


Calendar for you to put all the events onto

School regulation calculator

Our Local Schools
You can check the local school information and Ofsted reports for all of the schools in London by clicking HERE but the 2 schools closest to our office in West End Lane, West Hampstead are:

Our recommended property for great school catchment:  Primary Age

Cavendish Mansions, West Hampstead, London, NW6

£650,000 Leasehold

Located just off trendy West Hampstead high street on Mill lane, Cavendish Mansions is a well maintained and recently redecorated mansion block in an excellent location, commuter’s delight.  This bright first-floor apartment features 2 double bedrooms, a fully equipped eat-in kitchen and a generous reception/dining room. In addition, there is a modern family bathroom, high ceilings and copious amounts of natural light throughout.  This flat would make a perfect home for the aspiring buyer wishing to be located in the heart of the town and within the catchment area of the Outstanding Ofsted rated Emmanuel primary school.

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