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Paramount Properties Joe Returns to Paramount

Joe Returns to Paramount

Having worked for a corporate agent for almost 4 years, it got to November 2017 and I decided I wanted a change; to work in a slightly more flexible environment. I had previously worked for Paramount, based in West Hampstead, when I was 17 covering the phones on a Saturday, fast forward 7 years, a conversation with Reagan and Spencer where I dare say they haven't spoken to many people as passionate about property management than me and my start date was set; 22nd Jan 2018.

After having a month off over Christmas, I couldn't wait to get started. Looking after clients and their tenants is a buzz I had really missed.

Arriving on my first morning saying hello to some familiar faces I have known for years, Reagan presented me with the 'Paramount blue box' which contains all the essentials, however, in my blue box was a welcome card signed by the whole company. Upon opening that, I felt welcomed into the Paramount family. I was presented with a list of clients and their properties that were to become my portfolio and upon calling the first few clients, I soon realised the level of customer service provided by Paramount is well... paramount. The complete trust put in the management department by our clients and their tenants was abundantly clear. Having won two Customer Service awards, I knew I was going to be able to deliver the personal touch that people want when trusting us with their most valuable asset or in some case, assets.

Having come from a company that focuses on each department having their job, it quickly became clear that no job or task is too big or too small for anyone, no matter what 'department' they work in - this ethos is one I had wanted to be a part of for some time. Fast forward to me writing this blog, almost a month after joining and although a cliche, I genuinely feel like a piece of the furniture. Everyone in the company (especially my fabulous Property Management and Paramount Maintenance) have welcomed me with open arms and I look forward to a long and successful career at Paramount and settling back in to West Hampstead!

By Joe Stoll - Property Manager


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