Paramount Properties Paramount Bake Off: The Winners Story

Paramount Bake Off: The Winners Story

Sales negotiator and winning baker Tony Mixides talks us through his win and why it means a lot to him

I was asked to write a few words about my bake-off competition journey, I'd first like to say it was definitely an experience. Apart from the fact it was for an excellent cause, I do love a challenge, to think outside the box and I particularly love to win. Without sounding smug I must say I achieved all of the above and more.

I learned that baking a cake is more than just throwing in a few ingredients into a bowl and crossing your fingers. The art of baking is a science, there is a reason why you separate the dry ingredients from the wet, why you make flour wells, sift and measure. If you don't your cake bites the dust, it's over! Now that is a tragedy!

My first creation was inspired by my mother's cakes she baked for me when I was a child, lots of chocolate! This was the first round and I was up against Natasha who was known for her Danish rolls. Sadly, she decided not to make these and went with a new Danish delicacy – it didn't go down as well and I was through!

Second round I was inspired by my own sense of challenge. Could I make a rainbow cake and would this be enough to get me through? I beat Harriet and Adam so clearly it was!

For the final I needed to step it up, my inspiration was my love of Halloween! My opponent dropped out from the fear of losing to the man he once ridiculed for his baking skills. So instead I was up against Reagan, the runner up from the semi-finals! The final was close but there was only one winner in the end, me. The young dark horse from Barnet who surprised everyone including himself with his texture and taste. Baking is fun, creative, therapeutic and strangely rewarding. The competition was tough but I used lateral thinking to bring out my creative side.

Winning the competition was fun but the cause was the true reward for me, raising in total £300.00 for Macmillan Cancer Charity was the icing on the cake.
I in particular hold this charity close to my heart as I lost my Grandfather to cancer. It means a lot to me that I could give something to give back to this amazing charity which helped support my grandfather and grandmother during this difficult time.

You can donate to Macmillan yourself by following this link:

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