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Paramount Properties The Winch is getting a new kitchen!

The Winch is getting a new kitchen!

The Winch is a child and youth charity with a mission “to help each child succeed, regardless of their circumstances, by giving them the opportunities and support they need.” They offer a huge list of programs catering to families, children, and young adults up to the age of 25; from After School Clubs and Holiday Play Schemes to a business start-up programme for young adults (called ‘The Company’).

The Winch provides a strong support network for children and young people facing many different types of challenges. I learned during my recent visit to the charity that a significant part of the work that the staff does depends on relationship-building, and that they frequently require a quiet, safe space to meet with visitors. These types of spaces are also a necessity for some children and young people who at times need to get away from sensory overstimulation. One thing that was very apparent during my tour of the mid-20th-century pub-turned-youth club-turned-charity was that there was plenty of communal space, but very few areas where people could meet privately and have quiet time to themselves.

The basement of the building – a windowless couple of rooms that were once used as a storehouse for the pub above – now functions as a recreational space and a kitchen for everyone who visits the charity. My tour guide and CEO of The Winch, Rashid Iqbal, informed me that the space is also used by The Winch’s staff to lead important one-on-one sessions, and it’s where many people retire to when they need time to themselves.

To our team, a kitchen is often the most important room in any property. It brings people together – to cook, to eat, or to share a cup of tea; it provides a space to be creative; and it provides a space where a person can be alone in thought. As the kitchen in the basement of The Winch was dark and in serious need of attention, we’ve decided to donate a complete refurbishment to help improve the functionality and atmosphere of the space. We want to help brighten it up and transform it into a usable safe space for the staff and visitors. With a Maintenance Team that does it all, we promise that The Winch is in good hands!

Follow our progress as our team strips out the old and installs the new!

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