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The wonderful world of property management

The wonderful world of property management

Having been at Paramount for just over a year, an opportunity arose to help out our property management team. This was different from my day to day role in the compliance team, but happy to help out I jumped in!
Pushed in the deep end at week one I was amazed at all of the tasks the team carry out on a day to day basis and quite honestly didn't think I would manage! But with the help and support of my amazing colleagues, I soon found my feet and was welcomed into the world of property management.
The first thing I had to get my head around was identifying problems and ensuring I sent out the right contractor for the job!  Learning to juggle communicating with the tenants, the landlord and the contractor was a real challenge, especially as I hate going home with a full inbox.
My favourite thing was going out on the roads with our maintenance team and being taught about the issues they were fixing, I even picked up some DIY tips for myself! I loved being back in contact with tenants and landlords I had moved into new homes months prior and it definitely helped me gain a more rounded idea of how Paramount works.

The biggest thing I took away was understanding how hard the property managers work and the challenges they face every single day to ensure every issue is resolved. I was surprised by the amount of work that goes into the job and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. I hope one day I will have another opportunity to work alongside them but until then I am back in New Homes Department and ready to help the next tenants move into their dream home!


Katie Wood
Head of New Homes/Compliance


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