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We welcome our newest Property Manager - Bansari!

We welcome our newest Property Manager - Bansari!

My first few weeks at Paramount Properties have been a learning curve. Even though I have worked as Property Manager before, Paramount has helped me to really grow in my understanding. With a much more diverse property portfolio covering various different areas, the way things are handled at Paramount is quite different from what I have seen before. 

Paramount Properties are known for giving incredible customer service. We believe that both tenants and landlords should be given an equal measure of importance. My previous property management job highly favoured the landlord, which at times I found to be not the best way to deal with things. At Paramount, it's important to keep both parties happy with genuine and attentive customer service. Ultimately, our customer service allows us to keep tenants happy, and happy tenants lead to happy landlords! This also helps us with the spread of positive comments through word of mouth. 

I cannot begin to explain how much an in-house maintenance team makes a difference in the service that we are able to deliver to our landlords with managed properties. Be it a minor or major problem, by having an in-house maintenance team on-hand, you always know that you have the resources you need to solve a problem. I have been in situations in the past where I have not had a contractor on-hand to look at a maintenance issue on a weekday because they have been fully booked. At Paramount, I not only have our own maintenance team on-hand, but I also have a handful of carefully selected, trusted contractors as a second line of defence. This makes my job as a Property Manager much easier to find the right solution for our properties. 

The change for me in going from a smaller company to a larger one has been very positive. If at any stage I have been unsure, Paramount's Property Management team have all been very supportive in guiding me. It can be daunting to start a new job, but this is a great team and I have always been made to feel welcome from day one. 

My experience so far at Paramount has been rewarding. I have gained a new perspective on how Property Management can be done, and I really look forward to what lies ahead! 

Bansari Raval 


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