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Paramount Properties What we’re doing to help during this coronavirus outbreak, and how you can help too

What we’re doing to help during this coronavirus outbreak, and how you can help too

These are challenging and uncertain times. We see it in the news and in the absence of people bustling by our office on their morning commute. Right now, our thoughts are with our community as many people are already experiencing the effects of this new coronavirus on their health, their family, their lifestyle, and their finances.

We recognise that as people are isolated in their homes, many are unable to shop for the necessities they need to get them through their quarantine and might not have another form of support to deliver these items. To help people get what they need while they remain isolated, the Paramount Maintenance team is running a delivery service within NW6 and NW2. We’ll shop for items as necessary and drop them off to your doorstep so you can stay isolated for as long as you need to. If you'd like to request help from us, send an email to reagan@paramount-properties.co.uk, or give us a call at 020 7372 0202 to let us know what you need! 

We have also joined the West Hampstead COVID-19 Community Response group, which has been set up to match local people who are isolated due to COVID-19 and in need of help, with others who are able to help. If you find yourself in a position of needing assistance or are able to provide it, click here for more details and to apply.

As shop shelves empty with people stocking up on food and household items, and people start to lose income with closures and mandatory quarantines, foodbanks are put in a tougher spot than ever. Reduced donations and increased usage means that they are in dire need of help. At this stage our office remains open and continues to act as a collection point for donations for Camden foodbank. We strongly encourage anyone who is able to drop off a few items to do so - every single item helps.

Encouragingly, people have recently contacted us to request a specific shopping list for the foodbank, so here it is below for anyone who is able to pick up a few items: 

-       Cooking oil

-       Sugar

-       Biscuits

-       Coffee

-       Noodles

-       Rice (easy cook, basmati and microwave)

-       Corned beef

-       Pilchards in tomato sauce.

-       Laundry powder

-       Washing up liquid

-       Toilet roll

They’d prefer small or single items of the above where possible so they can give items directly to individuals, rather than having to portion them out. 

Our office has implemented mandatory use of hand sanitisers, disposable nitrile gloves, a “no hand shaking” policy, and social isolation practices wherever possible. We are also now having conversations with our clients about virus transmission risk factors. We’ll continue to review our practices and take precautions as the situation evolves to make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to minimise the risk of spreading this virus.

We thank everyone who has helped and will help our community during this outbreak, because truly we are all in this together. 


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