A Unified Paramount

Paramount Properties

It's not often, after 25 years with Paramount Lettings, that we are faced with challenges that completely push us out of our comfort zone and present brand-new learning and working opportunities. 

Taking on the leadership of the Paramount Sales department at the end of last year did exactly this - and with trepidation and excitement in equal parts, we are now thrilled to let you in on how it's been going and what it means for our business.

Traditionally working side by side, lettings and sales have historically operated somewhat separately - our first task was to integrate the teams, the processes, and the customer journey so that anyone working with Paramount can receive a truly 360-degree offering, seamlessly servicing all their property needs from lettings to sales, to refurbishments and back again.

The sales team have hugely benefited from the technology we have found so useful on the lettings front, reducing time spent on administration and allowing us to refine our approach to bringing on properties and spending time on 'the people'. 

This more streamlined, modern approach will filter directly to our owners. We are also looking forward to expanding our area, which the implementation of tech will allow us to do. If you have previously felt your property is too far for us to sell, hopefully, this is not the case now!

The team has a new lease on life, and the shared learning is proving invaluable. The combined knowledge of our local area, our community, the sales and lettings processes, and our client base is something we are growing to be really proud of.

Our dream here is for us to be able to listen to your starting point and your desired end goal - and to let us take care of the bit in between via one or a few of our dedicated departments.

We've always been under the same roof, but it's fantastic to finally start the year as one Paramount team.

Spencer Lawrence
Lettings & Sales Director

020 7644 2314