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Guide to selling your property

Sell Paramount Properties

If you are considering selling your property, read our selling guide to get to grips with the process. Please contact us with any questions and to book a free valuation!

Research the best agent for your area

Have a good look at agent's reviews on Google and Feefo, and visit estate agent websites and offices for examples of how they will market your property.

Book valuations

When booking valuations with your chosen agents, take note of how they deal with you; are they quick to answer the phone, are they professional, do they answer your questions well? How they deal with you indicates how they will deal with a purchaser.

Ensure agents are doing their homework!

When booking valuations inform agents of lease length, size and any additional benefits like parking /outdoor space. The agent will determine an approximate market value from their experience and specialist materials.


No two properties are the same, so informal inspections allow an agent to finalise market price. They can recommend small improvements that will help to sell the property.

Agreeing terms of instruction

It might be tempting, but don’t choose an agent purely on price. Instructing one agent is cheaper than multiple agents, and using multiple agents can imply desperation to buyers.


First viewings are most successful when the vendor is not around, as buyers are relaxed so they spend more time looking around the property. It can be advantageous for the owner to be present at a second viewing to answer direct questions, like what the neighbours are like.


Your agent will negotiate offers on your behalf, and in the case of multiple offers, you will work together to achieve the best possible price with the agent advising on a buyer’s position. At Paramount once an offer is agreed, a lock-out agreement is produced which assures the seller that they have a committed purchaser.

Legal work

Solicitors must be instructed once an offer is accepted. If you have signed up to our free legal fees offer we will do this on your behalf, or we can recommend other local firms.

Moving day

We will liaise with all parties to assist you with arranging dates and the moving process.