Adam Wright MARLA

Lettings Consultant

020 7644 2259
Hi there, I’m Adam. I'm one of the lettings consultants working with our Owners and renters to make their rental journey as effortless and efficient as possible. I work with new and existing Owners to find out who the perfect renters are for their property. I also advise on market conditions, property upkeep and price to help them achieve what they need from their property. And I work with our renters to help them find their next perfect home that suits all of their needs. .

No situation makes me feel more like this is the perfect role for me than when I can change someone's mind about what's possible. We recently had an Owner come to us who wasn't happy with how their property was treated by another agent. Their property needed some work, but it wasn't the best time for them to heavily invest. I worked with them to schedule key minor repairs, and create a long term plan for their bathroom and kitchen. When we marketed the property, we found great new residents in 2 weeks. This is what makes my job worth it!

I am also an advocate for technology. I'm continually looking out for ways that as a team we can improve our customer service. I love how every day is different from the next, and it's really rewarding for me to help people fulfil their wants and needs.

I have always been a keen sportsman - which really helps when working in a team to collectively achieve our goals!
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