Jess Sonkosi

Lettings Consultant

020 7644 2346
I’m a Lettings Consultant, so I’ll be responding to your enquiry, organising a viewing and getting your offer agreed. Ultimately I'm here to help you find your perfect new home!

I love meeting new people every day and the satisfaction of helping you find "the one". It's the best feeling when someone contacts me at the end of their tenancy and asks for my help again in finding their next property because they had such a great experience the first time!

Something that surprises people about me is that before my career in Lettings I was a Safari Guide in South Africa. I always joke that I do the same job now, driving people around in my car looking for things they want to find!

I’m also passionate about sports and love rugby, which lends to being a good team player in the office here at Paramount. The atmosphere here is really positive and ambitious, and it's infectious!
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