Lionel Stoll MNAEA

Sales Consultant

020 7644 2308
I have always tried to be a non-typical estate agent. I think this makes our customer’s experience better and makes them feel more comfortable, to communicate with a "normal person" rather than someone who comes across as a "salesman".

  I would say that my passion is the satisfaction of helping someone acquire one of the very most important things in life - a home!

  I think you have to be very lucky to perfectly fit a career that you choose to pursue. I count myself very fortunate, and I think being a person with plenty of life experience as well as property experience helps me to adapt to almost any situation that can come up.

I dedicate myself to my clients' success and I feel humbled when they stay in contact years later. It's a great feeling when they stop me to say a friendly "hello" when they see me out in our community!
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