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Reagan Bradley FARLA

Operations Director

020 7644 2312
I'm our resident problem solver. Whether you're a member of our team, a client or a supplier, there's no problem too complicated. I look at our systems, processes and people to make sure that everything and everyone is working at their best. I also make sure we're delivering the best experience for you.

I work with new Owners to onboard portfolios and newly managed properties. I'll introduce you to Paramount and make sure you're supported through your initial "settling in" period with us. I'll make sure you know what to expect every step of the way. You'll also be well-informed about your responsibilities when it comes to up-to-date legislation.

One of the things that I love most is working with people. I get great satisfaction in solving issues and finding solutions – which meant I spent many years enjoying busy property management roles! Now I take those skills and use them inside and outside of our office.

I was surprised to find out just how useful these skills are outside of work as the mum of a young baby. It's all about thinking on your feet and handling some very loud demands as quickly as possible!

If you have a question or need some advice on anything from joining Paramount to becoming a chosen supplier, I'll be happy to take your call!
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