Tash Hearn MARLA

Head of Asset Management

020 7644 2309
Hi, my name is Tash and I am a Property Manager here at Paramount. I am dedicated to providing a personalised approach to both Owners and Residents – whether it be dealing with maintenance issues, explaining new or existing legislation, ensuring the property is fully-compliant or just for some real-time advice. I always want to ensure any issues are remedied quickly and efficiently, which in turn ensures that each and every property is kept to the best standard.

 It's really important for me that our Owners and Residents receive the best service, which means quickly, efficiently, well-informed. I rely on our in-house maintenance specialists on a daily basis, and I continue to learn from them! It's rewarding when I can pass on my knowledge to our clients to troubleshoot any problem first-hand. Keeping up to date with new and ever-changing legislation is also tantamount to ensuring our properties are fully-compliant, and safe for our residents.

I am a problem solver at heart. I always want to find the best solution as quickly as possible, and ensure those I am helping know I am dedicated to make this happen. It's so important for clients to know we care – and we really do!

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