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Paramount Properties Sell for the highest price in the quickest time

Sell for the highest price in the quickest time

Less Haste, More Speed

This is the most common question our vendors ask us "how can I sell for the highest price in the quickest time?"  This really is the million dollar question and the one we are asked time and again by people looking to sell their home. The two points ~ achieving the highest price for your property & doing that in the quickest time ~ really go hand in hand.  At Paramount we ensure to do our due diligence, using recent comparable data on similar properties sold in the locality, and current listings on the sales market, in order to be able to offer a realistic asking price.

If a property is priced correctly it will sell, particularly in this market, but being over ambitious with the price will lead to a property just sitting on the market for months. So please take our advice, don’t get drawn in by over valuations, as tempting as they seem, don't be convinced to ‘give it a try and a too high price’ because Rightmove statistics show that if you don't agree to an offer in the first 2 weeks of marketing, you are very likely to sell for a lower price than you could have achieved if you'd priced realistically in the first place.

Less Haste, More Speed - Sell your house with Paramount Properties

So be sensible, speak to our sales team and book a valuation today and get moving sooner.




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