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5 tips to attract a great buyer for your home

We're a few weeks into 2022 and we've been busy at Paramount. The recent interest rate increase doesn't seem to have disuaded buyers - we've seen nearly 120 new registrations since the beginning of January alone. According to Rightmove, we're also leading in the competitive NW2 and NW6 areas for sales agreed! 

If this year is your year to make that move - whether your upsizing, downsizing, relocating, or looking for something that better fits your lifestyle - here are 5 tips to help prepare you for putting your property on the market and attracting great buyers. 

1. First impressions are important. 

Put yourself in a buyer's position. Walk up to your property and take in the exterior look of your home. The front door is the first thing your buyer will see, followed by the communal areas and then the door to your flat. Make sure it is the right impression: clean, with neutral colours, and clear of bulky furniture. You don’t want the buyer to be put off your property before they have even walked through the door.

2. Get rid of clutter. 

The more stuff you have lying around the property, the smaller it will appear. Of course, keep the furniture and bits that are needed to help the buyer visualise how they might use the space, but start packing up what you can. If you don’t have anywhere to put the extra items before you move, it's a good idea to use storage. This approach also helps you to start planning and packing early. You will need to pack up when you move out, so why not get started! 

3. Keep it clean.

Though it might not always be easy, you want your buyers to see your property looking its absolute best. Before a viewing, it’s important to remove any remnants of a meal, put the dishes away and pick up any laundry that’s been left on the floor. You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in this (their future) space!


4. Let your garden work for you. 

A garden is a huge selling point. If you have one, don’t let it ruin a viewing! Your garden should look like a space for entertaining, where your future buyers can imagine themselves enjoying this private outdoor space. If your garden is in need of some attention, it's worth getting a gardener in to clear everything up and make it look as presentable as possible. A nice table and chairs and some potted plants will also make the space feel more homely.

5. Virtual viewings mean less wasted time.  

Make sure you choose an agent that offers a virtual tour of your property. This ensures that a buyer will have a good idea of the property before visiting in person. For you, this means less time wasters and a better quality of buyer who is genuinely considering your property as their future home. The virtual viewing serves as a first viewing, which means that when a buyer comes to visit in person they already know what to expect, and are more likely to make an offer.

If you'd like more advice on preparing your property for today's market, give us a call at 020 7644 2331!

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