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Paramount Properties A Paramount Properties Bathroom Refurbishment Project

A Paramount Properties Bathroom Refurbishment Project

The story begins with me conducting one of our midterm rental property visits: Walking into the bathroom I noticed a large section of the grouting between the tiles was missing next to the shower. I took a few photos and showed them to Jit, in our Paramount Maintenance Team.
Jit advised that water will have caused damage to the tiles by getting down the back, causing them to blow, but it could be fixed.

The landlords of the rental property live in Australia and they have owned the flat for over 15 years, but have, in their own words, "not done too much work to it". The issue needed addressing quickly and instead of replacing a section of tiles, I approached the owners about putting in a new bathroom. They were open to the idea of a new bathroom and so my first mini-refurbishment project began!

One of our main focuses here at Paramount Properties is customer service.  There has been no better way to exhibit this than coordinating the installation of a new bathroom for a client who lives on the other side of the world.
I worked alongside Dipak, another of our Paramount Maintenance Team, who coordinates the refurbishment side of our business and I was able to provide the property owners with various options to choose from in terms of bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Fast forwarding a few weeks and there is one day of the project to go with the ‘customary’ snagging list to be resolved. Having had the opportunity to oversee the project from start to finish has been fantastic – seeing the result 'before, in the middle and after' is another reason that working at Paramount Properties is so satisfying.

I called the owners this morning to advise we were almost there and their reaction is what makes being a property manager amazing, they were delighted. The trust they put in the maintenance team and myself to ensure that their investment was looked-after made me incredibly proud to represent both them and Paramount.
It is very easy to say we are good at something but the ‘proof is in the pudding is in the eating', and we can truly say we provided a great result!


Written by Joe Stoll MARLA

Property Manager

020 7644 2315




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