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A West Hampstead Winter Wonderland: Five Local Staples We've Featured in our Window and Why

It's official - our Christmas window is up! This year, we're using our window to celebrate a few of our local gems- places, we think, add that extra spark to how special our community is. 

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of watching West Hampstead grow into this incredible area, so we're super proud to present our window this year as our West Hampstead Winter Wonderland! 

Let's get into it!

West Hampstead Station

If you know anything about West Hampstead, you know it's well-loved for how fantastically connected it is. I mean, you can get to Luton in half an hour?! Come on, you have to admit it's pretty impressive. But the thing most incredible about it is the community it's created; people from all over choose now to live here in West Hampstead, and those stations alone have created a hub of people far and beyond who now get to enjoy all that is West Hampstead. 


The Wet Fish Cafe 

A local favourite by far. This little gem of a place has fast become a well-known West Hampstead staple. The Wet Fish Cafe beautifully blends the love of food, wine, and ambience in a downright stunning art deco setting. What people may not know about The Wet Fish Cafe is that it actually preserves a part of West Hampstead's history. For most of the 1900's, the space was used as a Fresh Fish Shop; fast forward to 2002, during renovation, the owners discovered the shop's history, giving birth to the quirky name and concept that is The Wet Fish Cafe. 

House of Books 

West End Lane is well known for its array of independent shops and cafes. But if there's one thing that completes a high street, it's an independent bookshop. Just walking past House of Books is enough to cheer you up; they never fall short of bringing character and charm to the high street with their window displays, and looking inside is sure to make you smile. Think bold, brightly coloured books lining the walls and laid out to browse; the book aesthetic is something we Whamper's are known for - and House of Books does this effortlessly. It's also worth mentioning that this team are big on our community; this year, for our Stocking Stop Campaign, they were one of the first local businesses to donate - something we're genuinely grateful for. 

The Hampstead Butcher

How could we forget the Hampstead Butcher? A true staple of the community, keeping the village vibe of West Hampstead alive and kicking. This place is far more than just a butcher; it acts as a deli, wine shop, and a place to try something new. You'll be met with exposed wood cabinets and wicker baskets filled with goodies, giving you all the feels of a cosy, local butcher. But the real star of this show? The team. You're guaranteed a warm welcome and a friendly chat from the pin-stripe aproned faces behind the counter; that's what makes this little gem such a special spot.

The Gallery 

Vibey, dimly lit and sensational selection of wines. The Gallery acts as a community hotspot for literally any evening. Date night? The Gallery. Haven't seen your pals in a while? Just go to the Gallery. Looking for a fun-filled pub quiz? Don't worry, they have one at the Gallery. It's no wonder this charming little bar is by far a Whamper's top spot for a local evening. And the food? Don't get us started on the food. Think waffles, appetisers and all the good stuff that is necessary after a few pints. Ultimately, The Gallery is West Hampstead in a bar, bustling, cosy and effortlessly charming. 

A huge thank you to Snow Windows for creating such a spectacular display for us! 

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