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Paramount Pantry

Paramount Properties

Over the last couple of years the number of people who lack food security in our community has risen dramatically. We want to help this growing problem, so we've created Paramount Pantry. 

Paramount Pantry is our initiative to help increase the amount of donations received by our local food bank, the West Hampstead Community Food Hub, and it works in two ways.

First, we're committed to being a non-perishable food donation drop off point year round. Our office is located a few minutes from three transport stations, so it's convenient for people passing by to drop off an item or two on their way. We regularly make trips to the Food Hub to drop off donations brought in by our team and our community. 

The second way Paramount Pantry works is we remove the barrier of having to find and travel to a donation drop off point. For any of our residents who are moving out of their property - let us know you have some in-date non-perishables you don't want to bring with you in your move. We'll drop off a branded carrier bag for you to fill it with your donations. Leave it behind when you move, and we'll pick it up next time we're at the property! We want to make it as easy as can be to donate. 

If everyone left a couple of items behind, imagine the difference we could make for the people needing food support in our community!  


If you'd like to make a donation, drop by our office at 150 West End Lane in West Hamsptead, give us a call at 020 7372 0202 or send an email to pantry@paramount-properties.co.uk