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We’re a business that holds true to our values we’re fun, innovative people who really care about what we do and we in turn, want to be surrounded by ambitious and resilient people who want to help better our business and the industry as a whole.

We’re not interested in following or being the typical ‘estate agents’ we prefer to direct our focus more towards adding real value for our customers and working hard to provide the best service.

So with that being said, if you’re looking for a standard, old-school agency to work for – Paramount probably isn’t for you.

We run things differently.

We don’t believe in hammering KPI’s and having rigid 1-2-1’s, it’s just not how we feel you get the best out of people. We still of course, do things like performance reviews but we have a more outcome-based approach to things. We have a flatter hierarchy than most, you’ll of course have guidance from other team members but the whole ‘manager’ thing is dated, so we don’t do it.

Our overriding mantra here is that no one is better than anyone else, from gas engineers to lettings support, to accounts to lettings director. Everyone plays a vital part.

We like business casual.

Express yourself (within reason, of course). No cheap ill-fitting three-piece suits here, like at other agencies. We’re business casual, so converse with a shirt and jeans? We’re here for it. We welcome piercings, tattoos, and individual style, we want everyone coming to work feeling comfortable but also looking professional.

We like growth.

We want people who don’t shy away from growth and push to be the best version of themselves. This industry is constantly evolving, and we plan to evolve with it so we’re constantly looking for new ways and ideas to learn from. Got a webinar you’re interested in? Watch it. Have an idea for the business? Share it and we’ll try it. Got personal goals for this year? Let us help you reach them. We want people to show up every day, share their ideas and strive to be the best; and in return you’ll have a team behind you that does whatever it takes to support you in that.

We like team spirit.

We’re a pretty close-knit team here, we always do right by one another, and we welcome our newbies with open arms. We’re an independent agent so we all work under one roof which means no waiting 2 hours for a call back, all you have to do is pop downstairs and ask for what you need. Putting our team and how we work here at Paramount into words is tricky, it doesn’t do it much justice. To really see our Paramount team in its full glory – click the link below to get an insight into what kind of team you’ll be working with:

Sound like the kind of company you see yourself working for? 

Check out our available roles below. 

Are you currently with a straight-line agent? Would you like to know about the triangle?

You're probably expecting us to say that our consultant role is the simple task of finding residents their dream homes and helping our owners find their dream residents.

It is, but that's the straight-line perspective; there's one more crucial part of what makes Paramount's unique 'triangle approach.'


We don't just find people their dream homes; we create them.

Our proactive thinking, paired with our in-house refurbishment and maintenance team, allows us to create residents their perfect property, and on the flip side, our owners attract their ideal residents.

Our consultants are at the heart of this. They are at the very first step of the journey, and if handled correctly, they fast become our customer's lifelong property partner - so it goes without saying this role is crucial.

So if you find joy in people and learning, if you're the kind of person that will always go above and beyond to make a person's experience just that little bit more valuable, this could be the job for you...

  • You enjoy building and nurturing relationships
  • You find value in adding value to other people's lives
  • You're an innovator; you're always looking for new ways to grow and succeed
  • You have a passion for learning about all things property
  • You're sociable; you don't shy away from picking up the phone and having a chat with our residents and owners
  • You're curious; you want to learn everything you can, and you're not afraid to ask questions
  • You think outside the box; complex problems can require complex solutions, and you're up for the challenge
  • You're an out-and-about kind of person; you don't enjoy being tied to a desk, and you'd much rather be up on your feet
  • You're a team player; you know how to work in a team and use each other's skills to your advantage
What your role will include:

  • Collaborating with the lettings team to achieve company goals
  • Onboarding and preparing rental properties for the market
  • Handling enquiries, carrying out viewings and securing offers for rental homes
  • Presenting, filming, and editing video tours
  • Consistently nurturing client and resident relationships
  • Continually advising rental owners on their rental investment
  • Providing a smooth and stress-free experiences for both the owner and resident
What we'll offer you:

  • Intensive and ongoing training from, not just us, but leading professionals in the industry including Rightmove, Property Academy, and Propertymark
  • Regular 1-1’s on professional and personal growth
  • Networking opportunities with a range of industry leaders
  • Unlimited holiday allowances
  • Birthdays OFF!
  • Regular company socials

If you think you'd be perfect for this role, please send your CV and cover letter to oliver@paramount-properties.co.uk