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Community Champions: Meet The West Hampstead Food Hub

Meet the West Hampstead Food Hub team, a group of incredible people dedicating their time to running our local food bank.

The Hub initially started during the pandemic. The idea behind the project was to create a safety net where locals, without immediate help, could access food and essentials. But while carrying out the door-to-door pandemic service, the evident need for this sort of support sparked the idea of something more permanent, and so the West Hampstead Food Hub appeared.

Since then, the Hub has opened its doors weekly to over 180 local families, and the impact it's had has been extraordinary to witness. I've visited the foodbank a few times, most recently last Saturday; three things stuck out to me. 


One of the things I most enjoyed about visiting the Hub was the real sense of not just community but connection. A sense of community doesn't justifiably reflect what they have here.

What people have here is far more than a community hub - they're all genuinely friends. It was as though a bunch of friends banded together simply just to help each other out on a random Saturday. I remember speaking to one of the volunteers, Richard, who told me they make it an absolute must to call each guest by their name, something so small yet significant for building trust and a welcoming environment.

They've created space for people who can come and collect from the Hub; but enjoy time with the volunteers and other guests too. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty special thing to have as an older guest or living alone.


Showing vulnerability can be hard, and I have also, at times, faced the challenge of accepting help. In what can only be described as a sensitive time for people, the care and consideration that goes into the team's approach is beautiful to watch. It's not a grab-and-go kind of food hub; the team here try to offer more of a "shopping experience".

You'll, of course, have your essentials in one bag handed to you, but you'll then have a selection of other produce to choose from as you walk around. "Choice" was a running theme throughout all my conversations with the volunteers; instead of giving you a bag of what they think you need, you get to choose what it is you actually want.

Even the Hub's active choice to use the word "guest". At Paramount, we're big believers in the power behind words. They could have used "visitors" or even "regulars" but instead choose to call them their "guests". So, to them, you're not just a fleeting visitor, someone in and out; you're a part of the community and a valued member of the Hub. 



Unwavering support. The Food Hub is completely community-run. This team, for the last three years, have dedicated their Saturday mornings and afternoons to keep the weekly food bank up and running. Not to mention the hours that go on behind the scenes. Given that the pandemic is over, they could have stopped if they wanted to. Yet they saw the impact and importance and decided not only to continue but to put everything into improving and expanding the food hub.

You can go to The Warm Hub during the week, a free cafe where people can eat (tell Richard your favourite sandwich once, and he'll remember it for next time)! Or head down to the library and pick up free books. They even have a benefits advice service in the works.

The team here are working to create something far greater than a food hub. They want to do whatever they can to help and give a solid support system to all aspects of our West Hampstead local lives. 

We've probably all worked for a company with a clear set of values. For us here at Paramount, it's accountability, comfort zone and pride - a set of values that filters through in everything we do. 

After spending time at the Hub and watching how they operate, the core values this Hub stands behind were glaringly obvious.

Connection, Dignity and Unwavering Support. 

They make every single person feel welcome, go the extra mile to create a safe space people can trust and be vulnerable in and work hard to create a community resource with an impact that goes far beyond the average food hub.  

A huge thank you to Pranay and Janet, the founders of the food hub, without your hard work and dedication this wouldn't have been possible! 

Visit The West Hampstead Food Hub's page here
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