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Paramount Properties Current market trends: Is the waiting game over?

Current market trends: Is the waiting game over?

I'd firstly like to say that my team and I hope that you and your families are well. Lately I've noticed that there is an urgent interest from many people contacting us to ask how the market is doing at the moment. People are ready to take the next big step in their lives, and they want to know if the waiting-to-see-how-things-go period is finally over. 

From our perspective, the simple answer is: yes! Things are already better now than they were before Covid-19 hit, with more buyers seeming more positive to purchase. We are extremely busy at the moment and continue to register double the number of weekly buyers compared to this time last year. Mortgage rates are still very low, and some buyers are now additionally motivated to seek extra space for an at-home office as the employment landscape changes. Properties with outside access are proving to be particularly popular, both as we are now in the Summer market, and as people increasingly value private outside space in light of the current circumstances. 75% of our properties are seeing multiple bids, giving us confidence that they are priced correctly.

We're now marketing our properties with walk-and-talk video tours (in addition to our regular marketing package). This means that the first physical viewing is the second time that buyers will see the property, at which point they tend to have a serious interest with questions at the ready.  

If you're ready to make your next move or are interested in finding out the value of your property in the current market, give me a call on 07973 155590! If you prefer, you can also send me an email at robertl@paramount-properties.co.uk

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