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Paramount Properties Fixflow & Paramount: Working together to improve efficiency

Fixflow & Paramount: Working together to improve efficiency

Since 2014, Paramount has invested in the unique property repair service, Fixflow to ensure every single landlord's property is protected around the clock

At the touch of a button, tenants can log in to the app and report any maintenance issues 24/7- even uploading photos to ensure our in-house maintenance team know exactly what needs repairing and the size of the job; be it bleeding a radiator or fixing a leaking roof!

On average, Fixflow saves each of our landlords £144 per property per year but also reduces the hassle and time taken if, for example, the maintenance team arrive with the incorrect parts...PLUS the Fixflow app is a fantastic way of educating tenants.

By using the app (which can be translated into 40 languages), tenants can quickly learn how to fix any simple problems they might be having in their properties which can often cause unnecessary aggravation and expense between landlords and tenants.

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