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Paramount Properties How to Get Money Back if You Paid too Much for Heating Last Winter

How to Get Money Back if You Paid too Much for Heating Last Winter

Did you notice that throughout the recent winter you were less inclined to reach for that extra jumper or refrained from putting up your thermostat up to MAX? The reason for this is the previous winter was apparently the warmest on record since the 17th Century. 

If your previous utility bills are based on estimated readings, you might want to pay attention here. Ofgem have launched a campaign for customers to get their money back where its due as bills have been overestimated due to the particularly warm winter. This is done by simply reading your meter and updating your utility supplier with an actual meter reading. To have an accurate amount refunded, you should advise the utility companies of your updated accurate meter reading sooner rather than later.

It is believed that consumers are able to get back around £50 per household. In some cases this amount may only be able to be put towards future bills depending on the supplier’s policies, however as the saying goes, every little helps!

Ofgem have also warned the companies that unless they make good progress with refunds, they will face enforcement action. This thankfully means that cooperation from their side is completely necessary, as this is not the first time in history that customers have not been advised of refunds that are rightfully theirs.

For anyone who feels that they may be entitled to a refund, or whom would like more information about their companies claims process, please visit www.myenergycredit.com.

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