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How to Make the Most of Your London Garden

How to Make the Most of Your London Garden

Access to green spaces is a top priority for Londoners, with 54% saying that’s what they like most about where they live . In fact, Londoners prioritise outside space even more than shopping facilities, good schools and community spirit.

There are lots of great parks in Londonto get your green fix but nothing is quite as exciting as a patch of outside space you can call your own. Depending on property size, green space in London tends to be a patio (low maintenance), a communal garden (no maintenance) or a roof terrace / balcony with views over the London skyline if you're lucky. A garden is relatively rare especially as you edge closer to Central London, and often attracts a premium.

Properties with outside space are really popular all year round, however at this time of year it’s the little details that make a difference. We asked resident gardener Michael Beck for his top gardening tips to perk up whatever outside space you have.

First impressions

First impressions count so make sure the front garden to the building is neat and tidy. Trim the hedge, tug out weeds, sweep away the path of leaves and remove any rubbish that has blown in from the road.


Give a dull garden or balcony an instant pick-me-up by filling containers with seasonal bedding plants from a garden centre or nursery. Place near the door, on window sills or in a spot on the patio where they can be seen easily from the house. Colourful containers will add a homely touch and a bit of cheer – especially in winter.

Balcony gardener

If you don’t have a green thumb you can always cheat your way to garden heaven. The Balcony Gardener sells planted window boxes ready to perk up any balcony so all you need to do is follow the care instructions. Our current favourite is the blue hydrangea window box.

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