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Interior Design Trends 2024

For most, finally getting stuck into the interior of your new home is the most exciting part of the journey.

Trips to B&Q in pursuit of the perfect forest green, a visit to IKEA in search of the ultimate wardrobe; it's the time spent putting all the elements together to make your new home, well, you. 

But before you get started on your interior masterpiece, inspiration is key, and 2024 is welcoming some pretty inspiring interior trends...

Let's get into it!


2023 saw the ultra-tech modern home replaced with a more country and cosy interior. Brass taps, shaker kitchen cabinets and exposed wood dining tables made more of an appearance in an attempt to bring back that snug, homey vibe. According to House Beautiful, this theme will take it one step further in 2024: smart homes are out, and "dumb" homes are in. As people look towards stepping away from technology, movement sensor stair lights and bright touchscreens will be pushed aside for old-school buttons and simpler, tech-free rooms. 

All Things Bright and Colourful 

The colourful interior isn't something new, in fact, we've seen more and more homes show up colourfully in 2023 than ever before. The 2022 Mrs Hinch style grey aesthetic is seen less, and those bright bursts of colour are popping everywhere. Individuality seems to be at the forefront of this trend; as people become more aware of how they are influenced, they seemingly become less influenced. So, the generic minimalist approach to the interior is set to be replaced with a more personalised and colourful approach. 

Sunset Shades 

In 2023, we saw blues and greys appear popular; however, as people step away from the modern smart home and embark on bold colours, sunset shades are making their way up the list. Think terracotta, rich browns and deep oranges - the colours that bring a feeling of nature and comfort. As mentioned, people are stepping away from the tech-savvy neutral home and instead are looking for a sanctuary-like interior, a space that feels warm, inviting and intimate. 

Illustrated tiles

Bold tiles were a big hit last year in homes that we sold, rented and refurbished - colourful tiles almost always made an appearance. According to House Beautiful, illustrated tiles will emerge this year. Think whimsical designs and hand-painted artwork, adding the perfect blend of colour, patterns and individuality to a space. 



Ah yes, the bathroom, the ultimate self-care sanctuary. With more and more people making an active decision to switch off from our current digital world, creating a spa-like space for those Sunday resets will take the lead. Say hello to quartz, stone and marble, the materials that add that little extra indulgence to a bathroom. We've always been a huge fan of a house plant home; whilst they usually appear in the bedroom or living room, plants are fast becoming a bathroom staple to create that spa-like experience - and we're here for it. 

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