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Paramount Properties Landlords Near or Far

Landlords Near or Far

Being a landlord can be hard work! Dealing with decorations, maintenance issues, leaks and repairs, all the while keeping your tenants happy and making sure your rent comes in regularly and on time. This is made even harder when you’re not on hand, but hundreds or even thousands of miles away!

Then there’s the minefield of taxes, rent arrears, tenancy agreements and section 21 notices. This can be all be too much for some, but don’t worry, because Paramount are here to help.

We rent and manage properties all day, everyday to both national and international clients. In fact over 30% of our clients are based overseas, all of whose rental investments are maintained, inspected and most importantly, rented.

Finding the right, fully referenced tenants; the legalities of tenancy agreements and all ongoing tax affairs are looked after.

But what about the property itself? 6-months down the line, how is the property being kept? To put landlord’s minds to rest as to whether their properties are being maintained we’ve recently introduced a ground-breaking bit of tech, in the form of Eyespe 360 virtual walkthroughs. Using the magic of 360-degree cameras, we can create a digital replica of your property that you, using your Smartphone, Tablet of PC, can  “walk-through” in real time, and get a snapshot of just how your property looks -  even if you’re 8, 10 or 12 hours time difference away.

If you’re a West Hampstead landlord, or 10,000 miles away, call Paramount for a free valuation or property management quotation on your property on 0207 644 2251 or email me, aaron@paramount-properties.co.uk

By Aaron Shohet 

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