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Looking forward

A little over a year ago I was buzzing with the excitement of packing for a big international move from my home province of Ontario in Canada to London. My future held endless possibilities, the world was my oyster, and I was keen to experience as much as I possibly could. Fast forward to today, I’m sure many of you are sharing my current experience of reminiscing on where I was a year ago, and feeling a tidal wave of emotions (feel free to shout, stomp your feet, and pound your fists here if it’ll help).


Things are tough at the moment, and I think it helps to admit that to ourselves and to each other. Many people are in situations that they wouldn’t have dreamed of a year ago: relationships are separated by closed borders and duty to family, grandparents are watching their newborn grandchildren grow from a 2 meter distance, and the employment landscape is rapidly evolving before our eyes (to name a few). For me, I’ve had to abruptly leave the life I had fallen in love with in London to wait out the pandemic back home in Canada. Like me, you’re also probably wondering what this “new normal” that we keep hearing about will look like in precise terms.


As we acknowledge our collective frustrations, it’s also really important to focus on the silver linings that are emerging during this tragedy. We’re spending more time and energy on personal relationships. We’re learning what’s truly important to us and what we can do without. We’re witnessing the vulnerable, kind, human side of our neighbours, colleagues, and fellow citizens. And I think many of us are realising that we’re tougher, more adaptable, and more resilient than we’ve previously given ourselves credit for.


At Paramount, our team has always had a collective mission to lead change in our industry. From what I have seen in my Directors and colleagues in the past couple of months, the current pandemic has catapulted that mission to a new level. As a company we’ve recognised that now is the time to revolutionise the experience of finding a new home for our clients. This comes out of the need for newer safety measures incorporating social distancing guidelines, but also out of the availability of technology to simplify and streamline the whole process of finding the perfect home and completing all necessary paperwork. It’s 2020 – we know it can be done better.


Our team will be using this time to develop new ways of making the process of renting a home better and easier for you. As we all do our best to get through this strange limbo, let's help each other out by sharing our experiences. Feel free to send us your thoughts and stories through our facebook (@paramountpropertieslondon), twitter (@west_hampstead), or instagram (@paramountldn)! 


For me, this goofy four-legged bundle of joy makes every day so much better:


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