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Paramount celebrate their 30th Birthday

Paramount celebrate their 30th Birthday

We are delighted to have finished off 2018 very nicely and we are excited to enter 2019 trading in our 30th year.  We opened on June 5th in 1989 selling, renting and managing properties in the NW6 area, it was a slightly different market than the one we are in today, but it still had its ups and downs and yet property has always remained a very sound investment, and people always need to move home.

To celebrate our 30 years and give a birthday present back to our clients, we have an amazing offer for everyone looking to sell their home in the North West London area:

And if you need to be tempted further:  
Rightmove says we sell properties quicker than anyone else in NW6 & NW2.
Our properties spend on average 48% less time on the market.

So why not give us a call and speak to our Sales Director, Robert Lazarus on 020 7644 2331 for a FREE up-to-date valuation.

Terms and conditions apply.


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Paramount celebrate their 30th Birthday

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