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Property Sale Success: How to avoid your home becoming a stocking list filler

Selling your home is an exciting chapter, but it can come with its challenges. Whilst there will always be things that may be out of your control, it's important to highlight the aspects you can control.

In our latest blog, we dive into four key proactive, strategic measures you can take to ensure your property sale is swift, smooth and as stress-free as possible. 

Property Prep

If you've been researching or speaking to an agent about potentially putting your home on the market, we trust that you've already been made well aware of "first impressions". 

Now, whilst keeping your home clutter-free, smelling lovely and laid out nicely makes all the difference in creating a welcoming environment, making a lasting first impression is more about trust. 

Buyers need to trust that they are investing in a well-maintained product. If your property manages to capture that impression, rest assured you're setting yourself up for a speedy, smooth sale process. 

Tackling issues early, like mould, leak stains, and other minor repairs, significantly shifts a buyer's perspective when they walk through the door. Should you then agree to a sale, you'll have already eliminated any potential friction and future delays over property repairs.

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Pricing Right 

It's no secret that the current UK sales market is very price-sensitive. With the current rise in mortgage costs, buyers are more aware of property prices than ever. 

We often find that agents can take the approach of marketing homes at the top-end price, only to have the property stagnant on the market and eventually have to reduce the price to gain more interest. 

If you're looking for a speedy sale, going on at the right price is absolutely crucial. 

"You're more likely to achieve 100% of the asking price or over when you go on the market at the right price. We always find that if a home is priced correctly, you get more interest and more offers, and that makes it likely that people will bid over the asking price to secure the property" - Jamie Jacobs, Sales Consultant. 

Target Audience 

We recently explored this topic in our recent lettings blog, "Understanding tenant profiles: how can you attract your perfect match?". The same concept applies to the sales market too.

Who does your property appeal to? Is it a family home? Is it a fixer-upper? Understanding exactly who will be purchasing your property allows you to consider strategic property prep and marketing to ensure your home gets in front of the right people.

We recently took on a home on Iverson Road, and we knew in an instant that this property was a perfect opportunity for a buy-to-let investor. It's got two good-sized bedrooms, is close to transport links and offers a gross yield of 5.5%. 

Buy-to-let investors typically want a ready-made home, something they can purchase and move residents into immediately. So, before the property went on the market, we made the home move-in ready by repainting, recarpeting and replacing silicone. 

We specifically targeted buy-to-let investors on our social media platforms, advertised the home on our monthly buy-to-let email and reached out to our pool of investors. 

Just three weeks later, the property went under offer by a purchaser looking to make their first buy-to-let purchase, highlighting the importance of knowing your target audience.

Trip Hazards 

If you're familiar with the purchasing process, you're probably familiar with the various aspects that can cause delays. Things like searches can sometimes take two to six weeks to come through and let's not forget management packs, yet another thing you could be waiting weeks for.

We call them trip hazards, and we're well aware of the effects they can have on a sales process - so we advise eliminating them where possible.

"Before you even consider putting your home on the market, it's crucial to prepare relevant items and documents to avoid delays later down the line. Things like having surveys completed before marketing assure potential buyers and remove any question marks over the property that they may have." - Lionel Stoll, Sales Consultant. 


In the sometimes tricky world of property sales, success lies in preparation and strategy. Taking these proactive measures before marketing is the key to a swift and smooth sales process.

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