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Paramount Properties Six easy tips to spruce up your home for spring

Six easy tips to spruce up your home for spring

Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, Spring is the perfect time to get your home in order and get to work on all those odd-jobs you might have been putting off during the winter months. 


If you missed Spring Cleaning Week last week (yes, there really is one), fear not - we've put together a few handy tips on how you can quickly spruce up your home and get it looking its best for the sunny months.


1) Spring Clean: Get scrubbing. If you're short on time, think about investing in a cleaner for a couple of hours a week. Have a chat with neighbours for suggestions (or ask around on social media), or check out Handy or Hassle.com - both of which offer fantastic offers for new account holders.


2) Have a purge. Get down to your local charity shop or clothes' recycling bin and ditch all of the clothes, books and CDs you haven't worn, read or listened to in the past year or so. 


3) Get the family involved. If you've got children, get them to join in by throwing out toys they haven't used in a while, and tidy up any storage boxes. They might be incentivised knowing their old toys and clothes are going to those in need (or you can resort to bribery in the form of treats if necessary :)) But get them to chose 'cleaning music' and be part of the "Big Clean".


4) Add some colour. Nothing says Spring more than fresh tulips or daffodils, or pop down to a shop like Tiger to add great value candles and ornaments to your newly cleaned home to make it feel more colourful and fresh :) If you can, try painting or wallpapering a smaller room in a bright colour to liven up your home, or if you're a tenant and unable to re-paint; buy some new colourful cushion covers or throws and make your living room or bedroom fresh and bright. 


5) If you've got some outdoor space, you might want to try your hand at hanging baskets or a window box. You can buy boxes and baskets from any online store such as Amazon, or your local garden centre or home store such as Homebase or TK Maxx. Check out the RHS site for some inspiration.


6) Do some basic DIY. If you've got a few odd-jobs you've been putting off - now's the time to do them! Wobbly loo seat - get it fixed. Pictures that need hanging? Put them up. Use the longer days as a great incentive to make your apartment or house that little bit more homely :) 

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