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Paramount Properties 6 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

6 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Read our quick tips on how to prepare for moving day so it goes without a hitch.

  • Prepare early: As is often the case when undertaking a big project, early preparation and organisation can save you a lot of turmoil and stress down the line. Nowadays, the time between exchanging and completing when buying a property, can be minimal, so it's best to get your 'to-do' list done as soon as possible. Make sure you've ordered enough boxes (Amazon do some good deals), book a day or two off work so you can take advantage of cheaper rates on removal companies or van hire, plus you'll avoid the heavy traffic a weekend can bring. 
  • Be ruthless! Moving house is a great time to have a purge. Do you really *need* 24  pans and kitchen gadgets? Are you hanging on to clothes from a decade ago because they might come back into fashion (or fit again?!) Dispose of items you haven't used for more than a year, gather up any books, DVDs (or even VHS tapes) you haven't watched in years, and get down to your local charity shop and make your move less cluttered, whilst giving something to those in need.
  • Pick your removal van or company wisely. Have a look online to check out prices and see who's rated best in your area. Don't underestimate the amount of belongings you have to move - there's nothing worse than booking a man with a van, and then realising a) they're going to have to make 10 trips or b) if you've just hired a van to do the move yourself, realise that your favouire 3-seater sofa is in no way going to fit in a VW Caddy!
  • Update your address: Notify your bank, any credit or store cards and the DVLA of your change of address. There's a great list here on which companies you'll need to contact with regard to services and local authorities http://www.iplan2move.co.uk/pages/moving/moving-house-who-to-inform.htm 
  • Moving day: Don't be afraid to ask for help! And don't try and move whilst looking after pets/children if you've the option of someone else looking after them for the day. Moving house can be, without a doubt, incredibly stressful, so don't make it harder than it need be. On the day itself, try and work to a timetable with a couple of short breaks to stock up on caffeine and food, and have an 'end of day' time in place so you and any removal people, are working to a deadline.
  • What's next? If you're in a new area, get out and about and introduce yourself to any new neighbours - maybe join the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, register with your local doctor, change your locks, make sure you've registered to vote and last but not least, check out the local pubs and restaurants and see what your new area has to offer.


Happy Moving!

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