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Top Property Features for Selling a Family Home

Autumn has officially arrived; it's time to bid farewell to the summer holidays and hello to growing families looking for their next home before winter arrives. When selling your family home in the UK, understanding what features appeal to potential buyers can help your home stand out in a crowded market. 

Whilst no buyer is the same, some features make it just a little bit easier for a family to imagine your property as their next home - and that's exactly what you need to consider to help your property fly off the market.

Let's get into it! 

Safety and Security 

When you've got little ones running around, it's no surprise that safety and security rank the highest on the list of sought-out property features for families. 


Think alarm systems, outdoor sensor lights, thumb turn locks and anything that will make your property feel just that little bit more secure. 


Take a look inside, too; children tend to have a funny way of running into accidents, so adding bonus features to your home, like sash stops on the windows and child locks on the drawers and cupboards, will, without a doubt, help your property appeal to the family market. 


Open spaces 

It's no secret that young children move at the speed of light, so open spaces are a must for adults wanting to keep an eye on their little ones throughout the day.


Whilst we're not suggesting you sledgehammer a wall down, you can de-clutter and remove larger objects that obstruct views, making your home feel more open. 


De-cluttering is always a good idea when preparing your home for the market; not only will your home feel more spacious and open, but it'll present a better opportunity for prospective buyers to really imagine themselves living in the space. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient features are becoming increasingly important to buyers, especially with the new EPC regulations on the horizon; read Rightmove's latest greener homes report for more information on upcoming energy-efficiency changes. 


Essentially, the more energy-efficient your property is, the cheaper it is to run, and that's pretty important for people dealing with the financial squeeze of a growing family. 


Things like double-glazing and insulation contribute heavily to your property's energy efficiency rating, but we're aware these can be costly upgrades to consider.


 It's worth checking your property's current EPC for recommendations; minor upgrades like making the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs can make all the difference in cutting those energy bills. 

For more information, check out our top five property fixes that will reduce energy bills.  

Gardens and Outdoor Areas

Outdoor space is a major selling point when attracting families. A well-maintained garden, patio, or balcony provides a place for families to relax and play. 


We've seen a lot more families opt for features like easy grass so that children can play all year long and avoid any muddy disasters. 

Security is a significant factor here, too, if you want to give a prospective family the right impression. Ensure your front and/or back garden have proper fencing and a good sturdy gate, especially if your front garden is facing a main road. 

When selling a family home, understanding what features buyers value most can help you prepare your property for a successful sale. 

By emphasising these desirable qualities in your marketing efforts, you'll increase your chances of attracting and retaining the right buyer with ease. 

For more information on how you can position your home for successful marketing, contact our sales team today

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