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5 ways to make your home more climate positive

Let there be (energy efficient) light!

This one is so simple – and it's better for your wallet too! Energy efficient light bulbs last up to 12 times as long as traditional light bulbs, emit the same amount of light but use less energy, so you’ll save yourself a couple of quid on your next bill!

Take a leaf of faith

That’s right, its time to become a green fingered god or goddess. Get yourself down to the local garden center and stock up on as many succulents as your green heart desires! Not only are house plants aesthetically pleasing, they're also incredibly positive for our wellbeing – and have a positive climate impact. Plants like aloe veras, peace lilys and English ivy can all help with air purification in the home, which in turn improves air pollution on our mother earth!

Get digitty down with the DIY

You’ve probably seen those incredible facebook or tik tok videos that show someone upcycling something from the skip into something right out of a Cotswold magazine – it can be done! Facebook marketplace, charity shops and even freecycle are all great places to find your next upcycle project. You’ll save yourself a huge amount of cash and its better for our environment to reuse – upcycling for the win!

Unplug unplug unplug

You may not be aware of this (I certainly wasn’t!) - when you switch off an appliance, if its still plugged in, it will still use a small amount of energy. This means that when you’ve finished cooking up a classic beans on toast or brewing a cheeky cuppa, make sure you unplug your appliances!

Say freeze!

Now I’m not by any means saying that your freezer is a time machine (for some reason my mother does), what I am saying is that you should definitely be using your freezer to avoid food waste. If you have a bit of leftover lasagne, pop it in a tub and get that in the freezer for next time! Food waste is a huge problem for the environment - most of it ends up in a landfill where it rots and releases methane - a really harmful greenhouse gas.

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