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Why you should get your boiler serviced before winter arrives

Catching small fixes early

It's worth remembering we use hot water every day, and your boiler could be running into issues throughout the year without you even realising it. Having your boiler serviced regularly means that an engineer can spot small problems as they emerge and address them before any major (and costly) damage is done. The last thing you need is a surprise breakdown in mid-December!

It's much cheaper

It’s no secret that replacing a boiler is one of the more expensive maintenance issues a property can run into. Regular checks and maintenance will keep a boiler running efficiently for much longer, and because you’re spotting those small fixes early, you’re less likely to run into a full-blown breakdown. The cost of a boiler service with Paramount Maintenance is £156 inc. VAT - in comparison to the £3000 bill you’ll be hit with if your boiler needs replacing.

Major savings on energy bills

With the cost-of-living crisis at our door, reducing energy bills is a top priority for us all– and a boiler service can do exactly that. As part of a boiler service, the engineer will carry out in-depth checks that include how energy-efficient your boiler is. Making improvements to how efficiently your boiler runs means it will use less energy and cost you less. 

Better to be safe than sorry

The amount of people that end up in hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning is still shockingly high. Last year the NHS reported over 4,000 people! The symptoms are easily misdiagnosed, so it’s imperative that you get your boiler checked regularly to make sure there are no leaks. Give yourself peace of mind that you, your family and the residents in your rental property are safe.

Staying under warranty

In most cases, if your boiler is under guarantee, it only applies if your boiler is serviced on an annual basis. Given how expensive replacing boilers can be, it’s just not worth the risk. It’s going to be much less stressful and expensive to get a service carried out so that if a breakdown does occur, you'll be covered.

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