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Will the EPC deadline be pushed back from 2025 for new lets?

News has emerged that the government is considering pushing back the deadline for rented properties in the UK to meet a minimum EPC rating of C - from 2025 to 2028.

Currently, landlords need to get their property's EPC rating to at least a C to begin a new let from 2025, or face a fine of up to £30,000. This rule will extend to properties with an ongoing tenancy from 2028.

2 years may seem like a long time, but consider this: according to planning insights platform LandTech, only 39% of private rental properties in London meet that minimum rating now.

That means 61% of properties would be competing for a limited supply of builders and contractors to reach the new minimum. Undoubtedly landlords would quickly be facing lack of availability and higher prices due to higher demand.

A source from Propertymark told us we'll likely hear a decision on whether or not the deadline will be extended within the next couple of months. If they decide in favour, it will be welcome news to relieve some pressure on landlords and give them more time to respond.

That being said, it's important not to kick the can down the road and revisit the issue in a couple year's time. 

There are two reasons why this would be a good opportunity for proactive landlords.

First, as I mention above, there will be less competition for quality contractors. You'll have more control over who you choose and what you pay, and be less at the mercy of what's left out there.

Second, energy efficiency is at the top of the majority of renters' wish lists. With the increased cost of living, people are more conscious than ever of what they'll be spending on bills.

Your property's EPC rating is an indication of how affordable it is to live there.

'Energy efficient' is a powerful feature for marketing, and one we use to help find great tenants. Whether this EPC deadline ends up being in 2025 or 2028, we strongly encourage landlords to look at improving their rating now.

Not only to beat the last minute rush, but also to boost your property's attractiveness in a market full of energy-expensive homes. 

Does your property meet the minimum EPC rating? If not, contact us today for clear and personal advice on how to get there. 

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