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4 easy steps to "Why didn't I switch sooner?"

Is switching agents really that easy? In short - yes. And you don't need to wait until your current tenancy ends.

Right now landlords across London are with an agent that's just plain disappointing because they don't want to deal with the hassle of switching.

The thing is - switching isn't a hassle at all.

What's involved?

  1. Tell us you want to switch (because you deserve better)
  2. Give your current agent their 30 day notice (that's all they need in almost all cases)
  3. Give us your current agent's details
  4. Relax - we'll do the rest

First, we visit your property to get familiar. While we're there, we record a detailed video tour so you can see exactly how things are looking. We also provide advice on anything that might need attention.

Next, we take care of collecting all necessary documents from your previous agent, including everything from Gas Safety Inspections to your Tenancy Deposit Protection Certificate. We also handle introductions with your current tenants (residents as we say) and set up a direct debit for easy rent payments.

What about fees? 

You might be thinking - that's great, but I'll wait for the end of my current tenancy because I don't want to be paying fees to two agents at once.

We want to be clear that when you switch, you won't have any duplication in fees. We won't charge a letting fee until it's time to find new residents, and if your property is managed, your current agent will need to refund you pro rata if you've paid ahead (funds we help you reclaim).

You deserve better than "fine", "mediocre", or "meh". If you're ready for "exceptional", get in contact today by emailing Reagan@paramount-properties.co.uk.

That'll be 1 of the 4 steps already done!


Beth is an owner of 3 rental flats in Willesden Green and she lives in Manchester.

Up until this spring, she was using an agent local to her property. She chose this agent because, theoretically, 'close to the property' meant 'always able to respond quickly'.

Unfortunately, the reality was that Beth was constantly having to drive to London herself, sometimes in the middle of the night, to deal with issues. Her agent was doing the bare minimum.

Beth was hesitant to switch, worried that no agent could really meet her expectations.

Watch the video above to find out what happened when she did!

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