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By Lionel Stoll

After being an agent for many years, the joy of giving a buyer a set of keys to their newly acquired home never diminishes.

Take a recent experience for example in a case of “meant to be”.

A young professional applicant came into our office one evening to ask for our help to find a home. After sitting with her and making a note of her requirements, I happened to have, on paper, an ideal home for her. We proceeded to make an appointment for a viewing a couple of days in advance of her visit. The property was loved and was to be seriously considered. The reason for not offering at that moment was that only 2 previous homes had been seen. However, a few days later, the property was agreed to another purchaser.

As the next three weeks passed other properties were viewed by her and each time the property that was viewed that she loved came back into the conversation mentioning regret that she didn’t offer to buy it on that 1st occasion. She was reassured that she would find a home and that of course should anything happen the current sale then we would contact her. Quite understandably she was cynical that she would find one to compare that was loved as much.

By chance, the property came back for sale as the 1st buyer’s plans had unexpectedly altered.

The applicant was immediately called as promised and the amazement, surprise and excitement in her voice was impossible to hide. After chatting for a few moment, she asked for 10 minutes to consult family with the promise of a call back.

Five minutes later her call back was received with an offer which was subsequently accepted.

We had the proud task of handing the keys to her on completion of the purchase yesterday 17th July- a home that was “meant to be” for her to have! - The joy she expressed when collecting her keys was plain to see and the part of our job that makes it all worthwhile!  

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