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Paramount Properties Haunted Tales: Exploring the Spooky History of North West London

Haunted Tales: Exploring the Spooky History of North West London

Come on, everyone’s wondered about those spooky London corners whose eerie history you’ve only heard about in hushed whispers. Now that it’s cosy jumpers, spooky stories, and pumpkin spice latte season, we in the real estate world have a few spine-chilling history titbits for you about those secret corners of London that you’ll always remember the next time you walk past the region.

North West London is a region steeped in history, and like any area with a rich past, it's not without its share of ghostly stories and haunted locations. From ancient inns to eerie cemeteries, these tales are enough to send a shiver down your spine.

We at Paramount Properties have picked some of the eeriest locations in the area. So, sit back, relax, and join us in exploring the spooky history of North West London.

The Spaniards Inn, Hampstead: A Haunting Experience 

If you have ever visited the stunning and charming village of Hampstead, then you may have heard or even walked past The Spaniards Inn. Although quaint in appearance, it is said to be haunted by two or more ghosts. 

The Spaniards Inn was established in 1585. Legend has it that two of its former owners, Francesco Porero and Juan Porero, fell madly in love with the same woman and fought a bloody duel over it. Juan Porero lost the duel and his body was buried near the inn. Some say it is his spirit that lurks about looking for vengeance as it haunts the famous Spaniards Inn. 

Many have reported seeing a woman draped in all white strolling in the pub garden. Could it be true? Or is all this just another ghost story? 

Only one way to find out.

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The Ghost of West End Lane: A Phantom on the Railroad

West End Lane in West Hampstead has a chilling story of its own. Back in the late 19th century, a tragic accident occurred at the nearby railway station, resulting in the death of a young girl. 

Since then, the ghostly figure of a young girl in Victorian attire wanders around the area when the darkness of the night takes over. It is said she walks around the area with a candle lantern in her hand and a ghostly face, which could leave even the bravest completely and utterly petrified. 

Some say her spirit still lingers as it wasn’t her time to go, and that fate wrongfully snatched her life. Others whisper of something far more sinister. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is for sure: the ghost of this young girl has intrigued locals for generations. 

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Highgate Cemetery, Highgate: The Abode of Haunting Beauty

Highgate Cemetery, with its Gothic architecture and lush, overgrown greenery, is not just a resting place for the deceased but also a hauntingly beautiful location. 

Opened in 1839, the cemetery is home to some of the most captivating and ghostly stories in London. Out of all the stories, the one about the famous Highgate Vampire stands out. 

Visitors reported a dark, pale, and eerie figure that wandered around the cemetery. Many described this shadowy figure with haunting eyes that glowed in the dead of night and glistened in contrast to the angelic moonlight. The sighting caused murmurs and panic in the 1970s.

Whose vengeful spirit lurks amongst the dead? Could it be a poltergeist plaguing the streets? Could it be a creature of evil looking for its perfect victim? Who knows...

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North West London is rich in history, and with that history comes tales of the supernatural. From the lover’s spirit at The Spaniards Inn to the sightings of the pale vampire of Highgate Cemetery and the haunting presence on the West End Lane railroad, these stories remind us of the intriguing and eerie history that lies beneath the surface of this vibrant region. 

So, if you're ever in North West London, take a walk down its haunted lanes and absorb the history. Maybe you’ll encounter a haunting apparition or two...

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