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Paramount Properties How can I get my deposit back?

How can I get my deposit back?

The most commonly asked question upon check out to our property managers – as you can imagine! Check outs are a difficult time in management because it has the potential to sour even the greatest of tenant-agent relationships. Noone wants to part with money – we know that! And trust me we have no desire to take funds from you. It makes us happier, and leaves us with less work to give all of your cash back and wave you off with a fond farewell. Unfortunately though – this is often not the case.

At Paramount – we now carry out pre-check out inspections in order start preparing tenants for this process and advise them on how to have the best chance to recoup all of their funds.

Here is our best advice to you!

·       Cleaning – the most popular cause of disputes (TDS), we understand this is because it is somewhat subjective. A professional clean is a specific, guide lined clean. It is not a clean carried out by a professional. Your usual weekly cleaner will not carry out an adequate end of tenancy clean, if they are doing they same bits they usually do for you once a week. It’s just not possible. With everything, beware the web – cheap does not always equal good! You do get what you pay for, and with one shot to get the cleaning right you want to be on the money.

·       Lightbulbs – as you leave on your last day check all of these. With any deposit the conversation we have the most is that with any dilapidation or repair – we have to employ the services of a handyman or a contractor to carry it out, and in the London area you would be hard pushed to find someone to do this for less than £65+vat per hour. Suddenly the £4.00 bulb you didn’t think was important, becomes important!

·       Marks to walls – these are inevitable, and the best policy is honesty. Chat to your agent and get them over to take a look. They can advise what is fair wear and tear, and what is not. They can also advise whether it’s likely you can make a repair yourself or you will have adequate time to have it rectified professionally.

·       Home repairs - ……but beware of repairing yourself. Often we find marks to walls are filled, sanded and painted and often look even worse than they did with the hole from the picture hook. Take advice – it’s what we are here for.

·       Furniture – make sure you return this all to the places you found it. Your tenancy agreement is likely to levy a charge for the time of the handyman to then return these to where they were found for the inventory.

·       Inventory check in – do a once over with your check in. The idea is to return the property in the same condition, less fair wear and tear. You won’t be able to do this if you havn’t seen a copy of the check in for three years!

·       Mattresses – another bone of contention. Staining to mattresses is not fair wear and tear. When you move in please make use of a mattress protector!

·       Meter readings – as soon as you receive these, finalise your bills and get proof of these being closed down. Most agents will want to see these before returning your funds – so be prepared and have this all ready to go. Then once any deductions are agreed – there are no other hold ups.


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