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Paramount Properties Moving Day Checklist

Moving Day Checklist

Ensure moving home is simple and stress free. Follow our moving day checklist and you'll be ready to move in no time!

Change of address

Although you will apply for your post to be redirected (see below) you still need to notify a host of different people and companies of your change of address, including your bank and DVLA.

Online change of address services such aswww.iammoving.com and www.moveme.com will save you time.


You’ll need to let your insurance company know that you are moving and to ensure you are insured in your new property.

Redirect your post

Apply for the Royal Mail redirection services online ( www.royalmail.com) or visit a post office to redirect post to your new address.


If you are hiring a van or driving a car to your new home you need to resolve any parking issues in advance if you don’t have an allocated parking space.

Speak to the local council about the possibility of suspending parking restrictions on move day and speak to new neighbours about leaving a parking space free in front of the property. If a permit is required, speak to the council about permanent and temporary options.

Gas, water and electricity

Before you leave your old property arrange for final meter reading for gas, water and electricity. On the day of the move take final readings to ensure correct bills are issued.

To find out who the current suppliers in your new property are, call:

  • Gas: 0870 608 1524
  • Electricity: 0845 601 5467 (press 1 then *)
  • Thames Water: 0845 9200 888

Council tax

  • Barnet: 020 8359 2608
  • Brent: 020 8937 1790
  • Camden: 020 7974 6470
  • Westminster: 0845 302 3400

Phone and broadband

Call your telephone provider and tell them that you are moving home. Arrange for the final telephone bill and see if they can transfer your current number to your new home. Contact your broadband provider as soon as possible so they can get the transition sorted quickly.

Box of essentials

There’s nothing like that first cup of tea in your new home. Pack a separate box with tea, sugar, milk, the kettle and your favourite mug so you can have that first brew whenever you want it without having to rummage through everything first. In this box also pack some toiletries and toilet paper, as well as toys and snacks if you will have young children with you.

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