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Top 5 property maintenance issues that can become costly if neglected

Picture this: you've cracked your phone, nothing major, just a tiny hairline crack. So little, in fact, that you don't intend on getting it fixed right now. Fast forward to the next time your phone slips out of your hand; what seemed like a non-urgent, tiny issue has suddenly shattered your entire screen. Moral of the story? Move closer to a phone shop? 

Don't worry that won't be necessary. 

But it's worth highlighting how important it is to recognise that sometimes, what seems to be a minor, irrelevant issue can pack a financial punch if not tackled early on. 

This exact concept applies to property maintenance too; the only difference is if not dealt with properly, you'll get hit with far more than a £70 invoice like you would for a phone screen. 

We're talking hundreds, even thousands of pounds; you can avoid by learning how to spot and tackle a minor maintenance issue before it becomes a major financial issue. 

And that's exactly what we'll teach you how to do in this blog; let's get into it! 


Silicone and Grouting 

Your house is like a puzzle. You've got walls, floors, and all sorts of pieces that fit together just right to keep the rain and other unwanted stuff out.

Now, think of silicone and grouting as the glue and sealant that hold those puzzle pieces together. Silicone is that squishy, rubbery stuff you see around windows, sinks, and showers. It creates a waterproof barrier, kind of like a raincoat for your house. Grouting, on the other hand, is like the mortar between bricks or tiles. It fills in the spaces and makes everything nice and tight.

When water finds its way into those gaps, it doesn't just stop there. It can seep into your walls, warp your wooden floors, or even cause that dreaded word starting with "M"... mould. 

Don't wait! Address those missing silicone and grouting issues as soon as you spot them. It might seem like a small expense now, but it's an investment in preventing a much larger and costlier maintenance bill down the road.

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Gutter Cleaning

So, imagine your gutters are like the raincoat for your house. They're up there, quietly doing their job, diverting rainwater away from your home. But over time, leaves, twigs, and other gunk start piling up. 

Now, at first, it might not seem like a big deal. You look up and see those leaves and think, "I'll get to it later." But here's the thing: if you let those gutters get clogged, that's where the real problems start. 

When it rains, water can't flow properly through the blocked gutters. Instead, it starts spilling over the sides, cascading down your walls. Over time, this can lead to some pretty expensive problems. 

Water can damage your siding, rot your wood, and even find its way into your foundation. We can assure you that fixing those issues is a lot more costly than a simple gutter cleaning.

Gutter cleaning is essential; spending a little bit on regular gutter cleaning is well worth it if it keeps everything flowing smoothly, prevents water damage, and saves you from those wallet-draining repair bills down the line.

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Window caulking 

Window caulking is a sealant that keeps the outside where it belongs and the inside comfy and dry. Now, if you're caulking starts to crack, don't underestimate just how much damage it can cause. 

Those little cracks are like tiny doors for raindrops. When it rains, water can slip through those gaps and make its way into your home. Over time, water that sneaks in through cracked caulking can cause damage to your window frames and even the walls around them. 

You can say hello to mould and mildew, too; moisture from the rain can lead to growth, causing health issues and creating a not-so-pleasant odour in your home.

Cracked caulking also lets drafts sneak in. So, when it's chilly outside, you might feel a cold breeze inside, causing you to crank up the heating. That's not good for your comfort and especially not your wallet.

For the sake of fixing a few caulking cracks, you'll, without a doubt, save yourself from a major financial hit. 

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The Roof 

People often overlook fixing a cracked or missing roof tile simply because they don't think it's that serious. Your roof is your home umbrella, doing its part to keep the rain and bad weather out. 

Cracked or missing tiles create openings for rain to sneak inside your home. Water is sneaky, and it doesn't stop at just one tile. It can seep through your roof and start causing damage inside your attic and walls.

Moisture from the leaks can create a perfect home for mould. Mould isn't just a quick fix; it's bad for your health and can be tough and expensive to get rid of.

When water gets inside, it can make your roof's wooden structure wet and soggy. Over time, that soggy wood can rot, and rotting wood is like a cancer for your roof. Fixing it can be a big and costly job.

Don't cut corners when it comes to your roof. A quick and cheap fix might seem like a money-saver now, but it can become a wallet-draining disaster later, so you need to keep on top of it regularly. 

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Extractor Fans 

Last but certainly not least, let's talk extractor fans. So, your kitchen and bathroom are places where steam, heat, and smells like to hang out. Now an extractor fan's job is to kick out all that excess moisture, heat, and odors, so your home stays fresh and dry.

But, if you leave an extractor fan out of the equation in your bathroom and kitchen, you could be looking at a hefty bill; here's why.

When you cook or take a hot shower, moisture fills the air. Without an extractor fan, that moisture can't escape. It starts cosying up to your walls, ceilings, and corners. And you know what moisture loves? Mould. Yep, it's like an open invitation for mould to move in and start causing trouble.

All that excess moisture can wreak havoc on your home's paint and even your walls. You might notice peeling paint, blistering wallpaper, or even bubbling drywall. Fixing this kind of damage is like saying hello to a costly painting and renovation project.

Investing in extractor fans is not just about keeping your home smelling fresh; it's about protecting it from moisture-related headaches down the road. Having a working extractor fan in your kitchen and bathroom is absolutely the right move. 

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In the grand scheme of homeownership, property maintenance might not be the most glamorous topic, but it's undeniably important. We hope this blog has shed light on the top 5 property maintenance issues that can unexpectedly drain your bank account if left unchecked.

Remember, taking action early can make all the difference. So, keep an eye out for those cracked tiles, missing caulking, clogged gutters, and all the other culprits we've talked about.

Regular maintenance is like giving your home a little extra love and attention, ensuring it stays cosy, efficient, and cost-effective in the long run.

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