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What you need to know about interest rates and the best type of mortgage, right now.

Recently we sat down with Elliot Nathan, senior partner at one of the largest independent mortgage brokers in the UK. Elliot has been at John Charcol for nearly 30 years, of which 15 have been as senior partner.  Elliot has been a go-to person for Sky News, the BBC, BBC radio, TV and industry magazines for comments on interest rates, housing markets and the economy in general which affects borrowers buying a property.

We asked Elliot 10 of the most important questions to people in the property market today. 

Below are the first two: 

1. How have recent interest rate changes affected mortgage products, and what are your predictions for the near future? 

2. What type of mortgage should you be choosing right now? 

Don't miss Elliot's valuable insights - we were surprised by his answer to the first question. 
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