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We’ll take care of those 3am emergency calls from your tenants with our round-the-clock maintenance service.

We’re committed to making sure that your tenants have someone to be able to call in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is manned by our own team, meaning that information can be found and solutions offered in the quickest time.

Mind the gap

By keeping the time between tenancies to an absolute minimum, we make the difference between occupied and empty.

Empty properties yield no income and therefore void periods are something we actively avoid! We vary the lengths of our tenancies, and instill lock-in periods to ensure that our landlords aren’t left with empty properties at those tricky times of year.

Size doesn’t matter

Whether you have one small studio or a vast portfolio, you’ll see the difference Paramount can make.

Whether you are a portfolio landlord, or own just one property which you plan to return to – our service is tailored to the needs of our client. The size of your portfolio doesn’t matter to us, every customer is as important to our business.

We share your care

We vet tenants to make sure they’ll look after your property and make regular visits to ensure everything is kept ship shape.

We do our best to ensure that our tenants are of the highest quality, meaning they’ll take care of your home or your investment. Damages are one of our landlords biggest worries, so we try to get the match between tenant and property right at the beginning of the tenancy to ensure your property is looked after.

Make arrears history

Our careful vetting ensures tenants can afford to pay the rent on time, which is why our arrears rate is so low.

It can be problematic for all landlords if tenants fall into arrears, or have trouble keeping up with the rent. Our referencing processes mean we do all we can to safe-guard this from happening, only taking tenants from a solid financial backgrounds. Our direct debit system also means our tenants never ‘forget’ to pay their rent on time.


Landlord personas

At Paramount we understand that every landlord is different, and requires a bespoke service. This is why we have created profiles for our different types of landlord, so we can tailor our service and ensure all of your needs are met. Which are you and how can we help you?

Learner landlord

There's a lot to think about when you become a landlord, so we're here to help you make a success of it from day one. We'll guide you through all the complex legislation and our careful vetting procedures will give you peace of mind that your tenants will respect your property and pay their rent on time.

Choose our management service and we'll take care of everything for you, including all your legal obligations. Plus you'll have a dedicated member of the Paramount team to keep you up to speed and answer all your questions.

Overseas landlord

When renting out your property while away, you need to know it's in safe hands. We work hard to select tenants who will treat it with respect and our management team acts as your eyes and ears with regular inspections when you can't visit the property yourself. You may want to move back in at some point, so it's important that your home is looked after while you're not around.

We can also help you navigate the tax implications of letting your property while overseas, such as the non-resident landlord (NRL1) paperwork.

Established landlord

Whether you have actively built up a portfolio or your circumstances just mean you now find yourself with several rental properties, we can help you run a tight ship and get the most out of being a landlord. We understand the need to keep void periods between tenants to a minimum while achieving the optimum market rent. Our lettings experts will be right there to keep everything running smoothly. And if you're ready to expand, we offer unbeatable market knowledge to assist with making the right acquisitions.

Expert landlord

For the seasoned landlord, we understand how important it is to make your portfolio work for you as efficiently as possible. Our experienced lettings agents are focused on achieving optimum rents and work hard to ensure tenancy lengths longer than the standard 12 months for those tenants who appreciate such stability.

We can also include clauses that prevent notice being served during times of the year known to be the most difficult for marketing vacant properties, ensuring that occupancy levels stay high with minimal void periods.

Our in-house maintenance team takes care of repairs with a fast, high quality, and cost-effective service you can trust. We'll make sure you always have all the information you need to stay on top of managing your portfolio, and our unbeatable property expertise will keep you up to speed with the latest market intelligence.